First Fishermen Seafood

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First Fishermen Seafood

First Fishermen

First Fishermen Seafoods
Manager: Hubert Nicholas

First Fishermen Seafood's is an Aboriginally owned and operated seafood company based out of Membertou, Nova Scotia, Canada. We emphasize the highest quality seafood products from a fishery rich in history and tradition. First Fishermen Seafood's believes strongly in following the traditional ways passed down from our ancestors, where nature and the environment are respected and appreciated. We believe that these practices make the ultimate difference in the taste and quality of our products to our customers.

First Fishermen Seafood's believes there is no substitute for fresh seafood and there is no better place to catch seafood than the rich fishing grounds of Atlantic Canada. Our products blend the traditions of the Atlantic Canadian fishing industry with a modern approach to quality assurance and sustainability.

Utilizing the fleet of six vessels Membertou's First Fishermen Seafood's Division harvests a variety of ground fish, shell fish and large Pelagic including tuna and swordfish. As it continues to pursue an aggressive growth strategy Membertou remains committed to extracting the maximum value from each kilo of the resources that it harvests while respecting the natural environment.

111 Membertou Street
Membertou, Nova Scotia
B1S 2M9
Tel: (902) 564-6466 Ext. 5011
Fax: (902) 562-6929