Terrance Paul

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Business Development

Terrance Paul, Chief & Acting CEO
Community of Membertou

Terry Paul is the Chief of Membertou, a position he has held since 1984. During that time, Paul has guided his community and administration into one of the most open and efficient native communities in the country.

Chief Paul has served on numerous boards and task forces. He is one of the original founders of the National Aboriginal Capital Corporation Association (NACCA), which started out as seven Aboriginal corporations and has grown to over 50 Aboriginal financial institutions across the country.

Chief Paul started his career with the Boston Indian Council where he received his background training in finance and management. He began as a job placement officer and was quickly promoted to director of finance. The final position that Chief Paul held with the Boston Indian Council was president.

Returning home to Membertou, Chief Paul worked for the Mic Mac News in sales and advertising. He then joined the Membertou Band Council in the role of economic development officer and progressed to the position of band manager before he was elected as Chief in 1984.

Chief Paul has achieved many notable accomplishments in his current role including doubling the land base for the Membertou Reserve and increasing the employment rate within Membertou to nearly 80% in the community. The infrastructure expansion during the past number of years, such as the multi million dollar Membertou Trade and Convention Centre, Entertainment Centre, and the 5 star Kiju’s Restaurant, is just examples of the many accomplishments during Chief Paul’s leadership.

Chief Paul also assisted Donald Marshall Jr. in his successful Supreme Court defense of the Mi'kmaq treaty rights to fish, which resulted in approximately $600 million in the Atlantic region for the Mi'kmaq.

The Membertou logo of “Welcoming the World” is undoubtedly the most accurate representation of the open and progressive First Nation community that Membertou has become under the leadership of Chief Terry Paul.

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